Affiliate program

Affiliate bonus - 10%

In our affiliate program anyone can earn tokens by reffering another person. To get your refferal link just enter your email address into form and press submit. Now you can share your refferal link on websites, blogs or in social media. Whenever anybody enter via your reflink on our website, we will write in his browser cookie that you was refferd Him. Cookie will live whole ICO time. When that person will buy in a future Investor's Gold coins, you will get your referral bonus. This means that you will receive tokens in the amount of 1/10 of the value paid by the person recommended by you. Until 7 days after ICO will finish you will get email with your paper wallet and you will immediately be able to manage yours coins including exchange to another cryptocurrencies, money or pay for somthing using Investor's Gold coins.

How you can use your affiliate link

on Facebook, Twitter, and other socialmedia just share your tinyurl affiliate link:

 - or

On blogs, websites etc. paste the code:

<a href=> my_description </a>

on blogs, websites using our graphics and cookie system:

 <iframe src="" width="728" height="90"></iframe>